Arrogant Flower; a poem

I start out as a seed

Never getting much attention

But my luxurous life starts

When I hit the ground

But once I do I’m bound

But I don’t really mind

As long as I get what I need

It’s nothing from which I hide

It is a few weeks before I see light again

But it is worth it because;

I am taller and stronger

And ridden of most flaws

No one ran me over with a lawn mower

Or pluck my fragrant petals

Or add me to a dainty

Table décor flower bouquet

I gave respect to who earned

And disgraced those who deserved it

I earned respect I respect

but rarely ever got any

So, yes I help a grudge

No pleading would make me budge

I made sure they were sick of me

Before returning to the original me.

But one horrible, horrible day

all the sunlight faded away

It left nothing but gloom and despair

But my actions are what led me here

All the others ran away

leaving the arrogant version of me

here where I deserved to be

Oh! Why did I do what I did!

And then the lighting struck.

I cried and cried for help

But why, why would anyone help

After all here’s what happened;

I held a grudge when they were in trouble

They’re holding a grugde when I am in trouble

after all fair is fair

nothing I will do will repair

At last I would like to apologize

To everyone I have hurt,

For being so very ignorant,

Just remember “I’m Sorry” are powerful words

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