Fancy Cooking Terms I am Trying to Learn {Part 1}

Al Dente: Pasta or rice that is cooked to a firm bite.

Au Gratin:  Sprinkled with grated cheese and breadcrumbs and them browned.

Au Jus: A meat dish prepared or served with a sauce or broth made from the fluids of that meat.

Au Sec: Cooking a liquid until it is nearly dry

Barding: Wrapping meat in a layer of fat to keep it from overcooking.

Baste: Pouring juices over meat to keep it moist.

Blanch:  A cooking process in which something is boiled for a brief time and then put into ice water to stop the cooking process.

Broil:  Cooking under direct heat.

Braise: The process of first searing, and then finish cooking off in a liquid.

Brine:  Soaking a piece of meat in salt water as a marinade.

Bone: To remove bones from poultry.

Bouquet Garni: A bunch of herbs encased in a muslin bag to flavor stew or soup.

Butterfly: A term used to describe a piece of fish or cut of meat that has been cut open with the sides spread apart resembling butterfly wings, such as butterfly pork chops.

Caramelize:  The process of browning of sugar.

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