Fancy Cooking term I am Trying to Learn {Part 3}

Dredging: To coat a wet or moist food with something dry prior to cooking.

Deep Fry:  A cooking method in which a food is completely submerged in hot fat, usually oil.

Deglaze:  A technique for removing browned food residue after making a gravy or soup.

Dust:  The process of lightly sprinkling a fine layer of a powdered or granulated ingredient.

Effiler:  The process of preparing green beans before cooking them.

Fines Herbes: A mixture of fresh herbs used to flavor foods.

Flambé:  The process of adding alcohol to a food in a pan and briefly igniting it.

Fillet:  A boneless cut of meat.

Flake: A thin slice of something cut off from a larger piece.

Flute: The process of adding a decorative top to a pie before baking.

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