How to make Edible Fried Water

Yes. It is water. That is fried. And not to mention edible, completely edible.

Firstly no one is allowed to say that this is cheating cuz its not.

So the process is fairly easy, and I bet finding the ingredients will be harder than the actual process. You can make these blobs using sodium alginate and calcium lactate. And of course water.

Yes, we are making those water blobs things. Here is the process and ingredients.

We are first going to make the blobs and then we will …fry them.


  • A lot of water. (5 cups to be precise)
  • 1 gram of sodium alginate
  • 5 grams of calcium lactate


  • 2 large bowls
  • A slotted spoon
  • Another spoon with a round bottom such as a measuring table spoon.
  • A hand mixer or a whisk

The main ingredient here is the sodium alginate, which is is derived from algae. This gels up when in contact with calcium, encasing the water within it. It is also a common alternative to gelatin in foods.

The size of the round bottomed spoon will determine the size of your blobs. Use a bigger spoon to make bigger blobs.

Okay. Add the sodium alginate to 1 cup of water in the smaller bowl and whisk it up. Let it sit for 10-20 minutes to remove any air bubbles. You should be okay when the mixture turns clear. Next add the calcium lactate to the remaining 4 cups of water to the bigger bowl and mix well.

Gently scoop the blobs of the sodium alginate mixture with the spoon and plop them in the calcium lactate solution. Let them sit for approximately 3-4 minutes. then, using the slotted spoon, take them out and put them in water to avoid any other further reactions. The longer you leave them in, the thicker the membrane will and the firmer the water blob you will have. To be able to fry the water blobs and eat them, you want the casing to be thin enough to not be super noticeable among the other ingredients for coating the blobs but also not too thin that it will pop in the oil.

Next, depending on how much blobs you made, prepare your coating station;

Flour, Egg and Panko or breadcrumbs.

Carefully roll the blobs in flour, then dip them in the beaten egg, then put them back in the flour, then back in the egg, then in the breadcrumbs or panko, then in the oil, and fry them at a fairly high temperature for just a few seconds since you only want the breadcrumbs to brown, you don’t want to actually cook the water, or I predict the water will evaporate away, leaving only a slimy membrane coated in eggy breadcrumbs.

Once you have fried the blobs, put them on top of a wire rack, making sure they won’t fall through the wires, or a flat sieve thing, if you have it, and dab it with tissue paper continuously, until it cools down or you are positively positive there is no oil left. Since this is deep fried water, you have to dab the oil away since the oily taste of the oil will be very prominent because there is no other flavor to be there and overpower the oil. If that makes sense.

And there you have it…

…deep fried water.

Enjoy! 🙂

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