The Night Never Goes

My teeth are chalk
My bones Styrofoam
and my neck hangs limp
beside my throne

The sky is deepening 
The night never goes
The stars fade away
but the night never goes

Time keeps ticking
I'm laughing in my bed
stab my brains
my blood stains red

My eyes are rolling 
as my heart turns stone
the banshees are singing
you are not alone

The moon is full you 
you aren't alone
shatter the stone
This is my throne

I slip and slide
as the waters collide
light can swim
but darkness glides

Wade through darkness
the tides are high
the demons are here
are you ready to fly.

Random Poems

I have a bunch of sponges

stacked in a tower

we use it in the shower

the more it gets wet the more it dries

really a sponge in disguise


It hangs like christmas lights

glimmering oh so bright

loosely around my neck

like a beautiful trek

for the eyes to feast upon



Arrogant Flower; a poem

I start out as a seed

Never getting much attention

But my luxurous life starts

When I hit the ground

But once I do I’m bound

But I don’t really mind

As long as I get what I need

It’s nothing from which I hide

It is a few weeks before I see light again

But it is worth it because;

I am taller and stronger

And ridden of most flaws

No one ran me over with a lawn mower

Or pluck my fragrant petals

Or add me to a dainty

Table d├ęcor flower bouquet

I gave respect to who earned

And disgraced those who deserved it

I earned respect I respect

but rarely ever got any

So, yes I help a grudge

No pleading would make me budge

I made sure they were sick of me

Before returning to the original me.

But one horrible, horrible day

all the sunlight faded away

It left nothing but gloom and despair

But my actions are what led me here

All the others ran away

leaving the arrogant version of me

here where I deserved to be

Oh! Why did I do what I did!

And then the lighting struck.

I cried and cried for help

But why, why would anyone help

After all here’s what happened;

I held a grudge when they were in trouble

They’re holding a grugde when I am in trouble

after all fair is fair

nothing I will do will repair

At last I would like to apologize

To everyone I have hurt,

For being so very ignorant,

Just remember “I’m Sorry” are powerful words



I used to live at the bottom of the sea

In the shadows , in the breeze

Down the canals , all alone

In the seashells on the shore

One day the naughty sun rays

Come to me to luringly say

“Come with us to touch the stars

Soar across the planet Mars”

Hypnotized by their luring speech

I followed them to the Hawaiian beach

Statue of Liberty , Greece and Rome ,

Never once thinking about my forgotten home

Gaining power and confidence galore

But carefully storing it for when I’m alone

Power from Confidence , Confidence from Power

Everything else from just looking at towers

As we reached the mountain top ,

My betraying companions made a sudden stop

“Go show us your power you’ve recently earned ,

Go fight against the mountains and show what you’ve learned”

We fought. He was proud , a stone for a heart

I was soft , like cotton , a generous heart

He roared , I Shrunk , He pounced I leapt

Quietly leaving without a fight too big

I was blue , so should have been the world below

I cried , the world grinning below

I had had enough! I could take no more

That’s when I made them regret their actions

I roared I roared and made every thing fly,

I cried and cried and flared my eyes,

I showed the my power , my strength , my confidence,

I showed them my everything to prove who I am

At last after everything I slowly settled down

My tears dissolving me in within them

Falling down to the rock hard earth

My everything was lost , but my eyes still gems,

I had washed everything on the world below,

My tears in seas , canals and shadows,

Hidden in in seashells on the beautiful shore,

I was once again home, all alone.

By Fareeha Salman 6 novenber2019

I actually wrote this poem by myself! I admit not all credit goes to me-I sort of inspired by the Urdu poem “Badal ka Geat” which means song of the cloud. BUT STILL! Finding of all the rhyming words and finding the right phrases takes effort!